Know Your RV Types :

Motorized RVs Bus Conversion

Bus Conversion

New or used commercial bus converted for RV living.

Motorized RVs Class A

Class A

Built on a motorhome specific chassis. Living quarters and driving compart-ment built by RV manufacturer

Motorized RVs Class B

Class B

Van converted for RV use by manufacturer. Includes bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area.

Motorized RVs Class C

Class C

RVs-Class-C.jpg Built on a van or truck chassis. Living quarters built by RV manufacturer. Original Van or Truck front still used.

Non-Motorized RVs Fifth Wheel - Fiver

Fifth Wheel - Fiver

Trailer designed to connect to hitch in a truck's bed. Typically much larger than other trailer types.

Motorized RVs Camper Van

Camper Van

Cargo or passenger van converted into an RV. Converted by a profes-sional or DIY. May not have all amenities of a class B.

Non-Motorized RVs Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer

connects to hitch located behind the rear bump of tow vehicle. Wide range in size from large to very small that can be pulled by any car.

Non-Motorized RVs Hybrid Trailer

Hybrid Trailer

Type of travel trailer that has pop-out beds to increase interior space but keep overall size down.

Non-Motorized RVs Pop-Up / Tent Camper

Pop-Up / Tent Camper

Travel trailer with roof that raises up and beds that slide out to create a large interior space. RV folds down small for storage and towing.

Non-Motorized RVs Truck Camper

Truck Camper

Camper designed to slide into pick-up truck bed to turn the truck into a motorized RV. Range from small to large that rival Class C RVs in size.

Non-Motorized RVs Teardrop Camper

Teardrop Camper

Ultralight travel trailer that is recognizea by it's teardrop s ape. Interior is usually just a bed. Back of trailer opens to reveal a kitchen.

Non-Motorized RVs Toy Hauler

Toy Hauler

RV designed to carry "toys" from motorcycles to ATVs to golf-carts. Available in many formats from small travel trailers to Class A motorhomes.

High power output to power the entire RV:

Wholesale RVs Batteries Car TV

Car TV

Wholesale RVs Batteries car air conditioner

car air conditioner

Wholesale RVs Batteries car refrigerator

car refrigerator

Wholesale RVs Batteries car washing machine

car washing machine

Wholesale RVs Batteries car microwave oven

car microwave oven

Wholesale RVs Batteries car kitchen

car kitchen

Choose Lithium Battery For Your RV:

IllustrationClassDescriptionTypical Power SystemShore Power Seneca (Maximum Current) RELiON battery Replacement Model (Single or multiples in series or parallel to meet voltage/capacity needs)
Class AClass ALarge motor coaches with all the comforts of home.May have two bedrooms/bathrooms,full kitchen,& living room/entertainment batteries coupled with solar/generator could power all systems.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 6V AGM batteries.New higher end models May hme come with lithium batteries as a standard feature. 50 AmpRB200, RB300, Insight 12V
Class BClass Bvan body in which the interior is customized for outdoor recreation.may include additional storage on top or optional solar panels.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries. 30-50 AmpRB75, RB100, RB100-LT, Insight 12V
Class CClass Cvan or truck chassis with corrugated vinyl or smooth aluminum portion built on top of truck chassis frame.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.30-50 AmpRB100, RB10O-LT, Insight 12V
5th Wheel5th WheelFigth Wheel/kingpin are non-motorized trailers that are to large to be towed by a traditional weight distributing hitch at the bumper.usually 30' or loger.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.30-50 AmpRB100, RB10O-LT, Insight 12V
Toy HaulerToy HaulerTow hitch or fifth wheel trailers with a drop down gate in the rear for "toys" like motocycles or ATVs.fumishings are retraced in the ceiling or walls then tops are loaded inside the trailer.Usually 30' or loger.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.30-50 AmpRB80,RB100, RB10O-LT, Insight 12V
Travel TrailerTravel TrailerTravel trailers of various lengths from small 1-2 person tear drops towable by automobiles up to 40' trailers sleeping eight or more.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.15-30 AmpRB60,RB75,RB80,RB100, RB10O-LT, Insight 12V
Pop-UPPop-UPSmall trailers that a tent top extends or "pops up" from the solid Miler base. 12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.15 AmpRB35,RB52,RB52-LT,RB60,RB75
Truck CampersTruck CampersSmall unit that is loaded onto,or affixed to,the bed or chassis of a pickup truck.12-24 volt systems powered by banks of 12V AGM batteries.15-30 AmpRB35,RB52,RB52-LT,RB60,RB75

RV House Batteries vs RV Starting Batteries:

RV House Batteries vs RV Starting Batteries

Best Battery Characteristics

House batteries need to store lots of power and drain deeply. This requires deep cycle characteristics that allow them to drain deeply and be recharged. Lithium-Ion Batteries perform best for longevity.

Starting batteries only provide power for light use and engine starting. Starting batteries need high cranking amps for short bursts then get recharged immediately by the engine. Maintenance-free AGM, GEL, or other high cranking amp lead-acid batteries are best.

Six reasons to buy:

Wholesale RVs Batteries Factory direct sales

Factory direct sales

High cost performance, guaranteed after-sales

Wholesale RVs Batteries 5 years warranty

5 years warranty

In addition to human factors, long warranty

Wholesale RVs Batteries Support customization

Support customization

Factory direct sales, fast delivery

Wholesale RVs Batteries 15 days no reason to return

15 days no reason to return

Good quality with good service

Wholesale RVs Batteries Professional customer service

Professional customer service

1 to 1 professional guidance, peace of mind

Wholesale RVs Batteries Shipping insurance for placing an order

Shipping insurance for placing an order

No after-sales service, shopping with peace of mind