wholesale 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery

  • Model: HB12200
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Weight: 22.5 kg
  • function: backup power supply,Emergency equipment
  • size: 525*240*220 MM
  • Color: white,black
  • Capacity: 2560Wh / 200Ah
  • MOQ: 3
  • Lifecycle: >3000 times
  • Operating temperature: -20℃-60℃



Model HB12200
Nominal Voltage 12.8
Nominal Capacity 200Ah
Energy 2560Wh
Self Discharge <3%/month
Series or Parallel Connection 8pcs in parallel


Dimensions (L x W x H) 525*240*220mm (20.67x9.45x8.66”)
Weight 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)
Communication Interface Bluetooth (Optional)
Case Material Plastic shell
Enclosure Protection IP67
Cell Type - Chemistry prismatic
Chemistry LiFePO4


Recommended Charge Current 10A-50A
Maximum Charge Current 100A
Charge Current (-20 to -10 ºC) ≤0.05C
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.6V
BMS Charge Voltage Cut-Off 14.6V (3.65±0.025vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 12V (3.0 ±0.05vpc)


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 150A
Peak Discharge Current 155A (<5s)
BMS Discharge Current Cut-Off 155A
Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 10.8V
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut-Off 10.8V (2.7±0.05vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 11.6 (2.9±0.1vpc)


Discharge Temperature '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Charge Temperature 0 to 45ºC (32 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (1month) '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Storage Temperature (3months) '-20 to 45ºC (-4 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (6months) '-20 to 25ºC (-4 to 77 ºF)


Certifications CE (pack), UN3480/MSDS (cell)
Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9

Applicable to

RV, boat, solar, backup power supply


wholesale 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery DIMENSION SPECIFICATION

12V200AH System Parameters

project name Project parameters
Single battery 1 Product number 48173125-100Ah/square cell
2 product material system LiFePO4+Graphite
3 Rated voltage (V) 3.2
4 Rated capacity (Ah) 100
5 Size (mm) 174*48*132
6 Weight (kg) 2.3
battery system 1 Product number 12V200AH
2 Product application areas Backup power supply for electric vehicles, AGV, etc.etc.
3 product mix series-parallel mode
4 cooling method Free cooling
5 Rated voltage (V) 12.8
6 Rated capacity (Ah) ±5% 200
7 Rated energy (Wh) ±5% 2560
8 charging method CC-CV (Constant Current and Constant Voltage)
9 Discharge method Constant current discharge
10 Charge and discharge port (common port or split port) common mouth
11 Communication port RS232/RS485/Bluetooth: Bluetooth
12 GPS/GPRS(4G) /
13 Maximum Serial Number (PCS) 1
14 System charge termination voltage (V) 14.4
15 System discharge termination voltage (V) 10.8
16 Cell charge protection voltage (V) 3.65
17 Cell discharge protection voltage (V) 2.5
18 Charging operating temperature range (℃) -0~45
19 Discharge operating temperature range (℃) -10~50
20 Continuous charging current (A) 100
21 Continuous discharge current (A) 150
22 Discharge protection over current (A) 155
23 0.2C charge and discharge at 25°C ambient temperature 2000 cycles, capacity retention rate ≥ 80%
24 Battery box size (L*W*H) (mm) 525*240*220
25 Battery weight tolerance ±1kg 24KG

BMS electrical characteristics, basic parameter setting

Function Test items Specification unit
Minimum Typical Maximum
Operating Voltage Voltage Range 10 14.6 V
Working current Charging current 150 A
Discharge current -- 150 A
charging protection Charger Voltage (CC-CV) 14.6 V
Overcharge protection voltage 3.600 3.650 3.700 V
Overcharge protection delay time 1000 2000 3000 mS
Overcharge protection recovery voltage 3.450 3.500 3.550 V
Discharge protection Over discharge protection voltage 2.450 2.500 2.550 V
Over-discharge protection delay time 1000 2000 3000 mS
Over-discharge protection recovery voltage 2.900 3.000 3.100 V
Over-discharge protection conditions Charging
Overcurrent Protection Charge overcurrent protection value 155 165 A
Charge overcurrent delay 7 10 13 S
Charge release adjustment Delay 32S release
Discharge overcurrent 1 protection current value 155 165 A
Discharge overcurrent 1 protection delay 7 10 13 mS
Discharge overcurrent 2 protection current value 330 380 430 A
Discharge overcurrent 2 protection delay 200 1000 mS
Discharge overcurrent protection recovery condition Delay 32S release
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection delay time 300 400 500 uS
Short circuit protection recovery Delay 32S release
Equalization function Equalization turn-on voltage 3.350 3.400 3.450 V
Equalization Accuracy 30 mV
Balance current 20 60 mA
temperature protection Charging high temperature protection value 60 65 70
Charging high temperature protection release value 50 55 60
Charging low temperature protection value -3 -1 2
Charging low temperature protection release value 2 5 8
Discharge high temperature protection value 65 70 75
Discharge high temperature protection release value 55 60 65
Discharge low temperature protection value -15 -10 -5
Discharge low temperature protection release value -4 0 5
Internal resistance Discharge circuit internal resistance / 5 10 mR
Internal power consumption Operating mode / 20 50 uA
Operating temperature normal working range -20 70
storage temperature temperature below 90% -40 85
Protect the heart of the board length Width Height 315*114*10 mm

Custom Instructions:

custom process

1. Provide drawings

2. Parameter requirements

3. Price estimation

4. Confirm the sample

5. Require production

6. Production

7. Quality inspection

8. Payment to delivery

custom Precautions

1. Provide pictures or physical samples, product size (essential).

2. Provide quantity and parameter requirements.

3. If you need to make samples by hand, the sample delivery time is 37 days.

4. If you need to produce large goods, you will pay 50% of the deposit in advance and the payment will be delivered after the order is produced.

custom Purchase Notes

1. Factory direct sales, first-hand supply, delivery guarantee (short time) warranty for two years.

2. In order to avoid unnecessary errors and delay your time, please contact customer service before purchasing, and confirm the specifications and parameters before taking pictures of the product.

3. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles, and do not use metal to directly connect the positive and negative poles for short circuit.

4. It is strictly forbidden to put the battery stick into the water.

5. It is strictly forbidden to drop, squeeze, puncture and impact the battery.

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