wholesale 12.8V 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery

  • Model: HB12400
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Weight: 37.5 kg
  • function: backup power supply,Emergency equipment
  • size: 640*245*220 MM
  • Color: black,blue
  • Capacity: 5120Wh / 400Ah
  • MOQ: 3
  • Lifecycle: >3000 times
  • Operating temperature: -20℃-60℃



Model HB12400
Nominal Voltage 12.8
Nominal Capacity 400Ah
Energy 5120Wh
Self Discharge <3%/month
Series or Parallel Connection 16pcs in parallel


Dimensions (L x W x H) 640*245*220mm (25.2x9.65x8.66”)
Weight 37.5 kg (82.7 lbs)
Communication Interface Bluetooth (Optional)
Case Material Plastic shell
Enclosure Protection IP67
Cell Type - Chemistry prismatic
Chemistry LiFePO4


Recommended Charge Current 10A-50A
Maximum Charge Current 100A
Charge Current (-20 to -10 ºC) ≤0.05C
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.6V
BMS Charge Voltage Cut-Off 14.6V (3.65±0.025vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 12V (3.0 ±0.05vpc)


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 200A
Peak Discharge Current 210A (<5s)
BMS Discharge Current Cut-Off 210A
Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 10.8V
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut-Off 10.8V (2.7±0.05vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 11.6 (2.9±0.1vpc)


Discharge Temperature '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Charge Temperature 0 to 45ºC (32 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (1month) '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Storage Temperature (3months) '-20 to 45ºC (-4 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (6months) '-20 to 25ºC (-4 to 77 ºF)


Certifications CE (pack), UN3480/MSDS (cell)
Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9

Applicable to

RV, boat, solar, backup power supply


wholesale 12.8V 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery DIMENSION SPECIFICATION

Advantages of LiFePO4:

advantages of HB12400 wholesale LiFePO4 battery

LiFePO4, aluminum shell power battery

The safety performance of LiFePO4 aluminum shell power battery is one of the most advantageous materials at present. Using LiFePO4 aluminum shell power battery, there is no need to worry about the danger of electric explosion; coupled with the specification of the product's metal body, more effective protection The dangers of the battery itself

LiFePO4 Monolithic Cells

Higher energy density and longer cycle life than ordinary cells, compatible with various electrical and digital devices, and lasting power supply

Smart chip, punch and release at the same port

Multiple safety protections, which can be loaded with high-power machines to fully protect the battery, prevent battery damage and prolong battery life

LiFePO4 battery performance:

Light in weight and volume

For a battery pack of the same volume, the volume mass of a LiFePO4 battery is only about 1/3 of that of a lead-acid battery.

Super long life

The cycle life of long-life lead-acid batteries is about 300 times; while the cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is more than 2,000 times

Safe to use

The LiFePO4 battery completely solves the hidden safety problems of the traditional file battery, and it will not explode or catch fire in the most extreme test environment.

Smooth discharge characteristics

Under the same temperature and brightness, the discharge current of different rates is used, and the discharge output characteristics are very stable. Effective protection of locomotive ECU system

Good low temperature start

Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be started normally at -20°C, while traditional batteries can only be started normally at -10°C

Green ring to stay energy-saving and fuel-saving

Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, and are non-toxic and non-polluting in production and use, with high discharge platform, low maneuvering emissions, and fuel saving.

Long storage time and small self-discharge

The monthly self-discharge of LiFePO4 battery is less than 1%, and the monthly self-discharge of lead battery is 4-5%

Fast charging with high current

Acceptable 3C charging current

LiFePO4 battery Scope of application:

HB12400 wholesale LiFePO4 battery energy storage backup

energy storage backup

RV backup power

Base station backup power

Cold chain vehicle backup power

energy storage backup

Portable Power

home energy storage

Street light backup

Parking air conditioner backup power

HB12400 wholesale LiFePO4 battery Low-speed logistics vehicle

Low-speed logistics vehicle



pallet handling



flatbed truck

HB12400 wholesale LiFePO4 battery Low-speed eco-friendly vehicle

Low-speed eco-friendly vehicle


bucket truck

garbage truck

Sewage suction truck

snow plow

high pressure washing car

HB12400 wholesale LiFePO4 battery Micro Electric Vehicle/Ship

Micro Electric Vehicle/Ship

electric two-wheeler

Micro low-speed electric vehicle

electric tricycle

electric boat

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