wholesale 51.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Wall-mounted

  • Model: HB48200
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Weight: 128kg
  • function: backup power supply,Emergency equipment
  • size: 480*820*245 MM
  • Color: white
  • Capacity: 10240Wh / 200Ah
  • MOQ: 3
  • Lifecycle: >3000 times
  • Operating temperature: -20℃-60℃



Model HB48200
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 200Ah
Energy 10240Wh
Self Discharge <3%/month
Series or Parallel Connection 32pcs in parallel


Dimensions (L x W x H) 480*820*245mm (18.9x32.3x9.64”)
Weight 128kg (282.2 lbs)
Communication Interface RS485/CAN (Optional)
Case Material Metal
Enclosure Protection IP54
Cell Type - Chemistry prismatic
Chemistry LiFePO4


Recommended Charge Current 50A-100A
Maximum Charge Current 200A
Charge Current (-20 to -10 ºC) ≤0.05C
Recommended Charge Voltage 56V-57.6V
BMS Charge Voltage Cut-Off 57.6V (3.75±0.025vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 54.6V (3.34 ±0.05vpc)


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 200A
Peak Discharge Current 210A (<10s)
BMS Discharge Current Cut-Off 210A
Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 45V
BMS Discharge Voltage Cut-Off 43.2V (2.5±0.05vpc)
Reconnect Voltage 51.2V (2.9±0.1vpc)


Discharge Temperature '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Charge Temperature 0 to 45ºC (32 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (1month) '-20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140 ºF)
Storage Temperature (3months) '-20 to 45ºC (-4 to 113 ºF)
Storage Temperature (6months) '-20 to 25ºC (-4 to 77 ºF)


Certifications CE (pack), UN3480/MSDS (cell)
Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9

Applicable to

Home energy storage


wholesale 51.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Wall-mounted DIMENSION SPECIFICATION

48V200AH System parameters

project name Project parameters
Single battery 1 Product number square cell 3.2V100AH
2 product material system LiFePO4+Graphite
3 Rated voltage(V) 3.2
4 Rated Capacity(Ah) 100
5 size(mm) 173*170*47
6 weight(kg) 2.7
battery system 1 Product number 48V200AH
2 Product application areas backup power
3 product mix series-parallel mode
4 cooling method Free cooling
5 Rated voltage (V) 51.2
6 Rated capacity (Ah) ±5% 200
7 Rated energy (Wh) ±5% 10240
8 Charge and discharge port (common port or split port) common mouth
9 Communication port RS232/RS485/CAN/Bluetooth RS485/RS485
10 Maximum Serial Number (PCS) 1
11 System charge termination voltage (V) 57.6
12 System discharge termination voltage (V) 43.2
13 Cell charge protection voltage (V) 3.75
14 Cell discharge protection voltage (V) 2.5
15 Charging operating temperature range (℃) 0~50
16 Discharge operating temperature range (℃) -20~55
17 Continuous charging current (A) 50
18 Continuous discharge current (A) 100
19 Discharge protection current (A) (delay 5 S) 105
20 0.2C charge and discharge at 25°C ambient temperature 1500 times or 3 years
21 Battery box size (W*H*D) (mm) W 480*D 820*H 245mm
22 Battery box weight tolerance ±5kg 125KG

Parallel communication:

Parallel communication

Parallel interface

The BMS battery packs communicate in parallel through the RS485 bus, and can also communicate with devices with RS485 bus, while the RS232 interface realizes communication with PC or other intelligent terminals, human-computer interaction of any battery pack information connected in parallel with the RS485 bus, multi-machine parallel bus interface See picture below.

mailing address:

HB48200 mailing address

Host computer communication address code setting

Communication Input the code system of the master or slave to be communicated in the system parameters of the host computer, and the communication can be detected and communicated. BMS is configured in stand-alone working mode, and the dialing address can be any address; EMS is configured in cascade mode, and the dialing address can select different addresses from 1 to 15.

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