wholesale ChaoQianWei 1000A Peak 20000mAh 12V Car emergency start-up power

  • Model: A11
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • function: start / inflate / charging / lighting
  • size: 175*83*42 MM
  • Color: red,blue,goldw,grey
  • Capacity: 20000mAh / 30000mAh
  • MOQ: 50
  • Brand: Chao qian wei
  • Lifecycle: >3000 times
  • Operating temperature: -40℃-80℃


Brand Chao qian wei
Model A11
Product size 175*83*42mm
Product size gasoline 7.0L,diesel 5.0L
Charging time about 5 hours
USB interface Dual USB
Adaptable temperature -40℃-80℃
LED display quantity / voltage /input/output
Battery capacity 20000mAh / 30000mAh
Peak current 1000A
Car starting voltage 12V
Input voltage 5V2A / 9V2A
USB output 5V2.1A
Cycle service life about 3000 times

product function introduction:

product function introduction

digital display screen

emergency light (3 different modes)

12V car starting port

function key (control the light / mobile phone charging)


type-c quick charging port (charging port for jump starter)

USB output 5V2.1A / 9V2A (charging digital products)

jump starter and special air pump matching:

jump starter and special air pump matching

EC5 port

The powe

Air pump switch

Accurate Tire

Inflation pipe

Inflation outlet

Polymer lithium battery intelligent IC:

Polymer lithium battery intelligent IC

Peak current 1000A

High rate, strong power, safe cell, high charging efficiency

20000mAh high capacity cell

The power supply is used for a long time

High rate polymer lithium cell

The power supply has stable discharge and can be reused

Intelligent power management IC

Stable and safe. no damage to cars and digital products

Fire protection and explosion protection are safer

Adopt special material. high temperature resistance


A11 Emergency lighting USB charging

Emergency lighting USB charging

Lighting / SOS for help / Flashing

A11 USB charging

USB charging

Powering mobile phone digital products

A11 Low temperature start

Low temperature start

Instant start at minus 40 degrees

A11 Power supply for 12V car products

Power supply for 12V car products

Tire inflation

A11 Smart protoction

Smart protoction

High efficiency and safety cellt

A11 Prevent reverse connection

Prevent reverse connection

Avoid reverse connection of positive and negative poles

A11 Charging mode

Charging mode

TYPE-C charging

A11 High magnification powerful cell

High magnification powerful cell

12000mA high capacity

A11 Car / motorcycle start

Car / motorcycle start

Strong 800A starting current

Two ways of charging,Type-C fast charging :

jump start digital products fast charging

5V9V digital products fast charging.

jump start the car Fast charging

Fast charging of 5V9V digital products in the car

design details:

jump start Digital display

Digital display

Accurate digital power display, accurate control. at a glance

jump start Inflatable function

Inflatable function

It can be matched with special air pump for the use of car tires and balls

jump start Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting

Support a variety of lighting modes to meet a variety of purposes

jump start Dual USB charging

Dual USB charging

Fast and efficient output, automatically adapt to a variety of digital products. Support 5V3A dual USB output

jump start Smart clip

Smart clip

Upgraded smart clip, how to connect are not afraid

jump start Don't worry about bad weather

Don't worry about bad weather

Intelligent power management IC, explosion-proof and high temperature resistant,It can start normally at -40°~80°

jump start DO anti-reverse connections

DO anti-reverse connections

Humanized design!Avoid circuit short circuit caused by wrong connection Avoid short circuit.Rubber protective cover, dust proof, conductor from touching to protect power supply.

jump start High rate power cell

High rate power cell

Using high rate polymer power type lithium ion cell, more safe charging and discharging, instantaneous release of strong current, according to the vehicle start demand output, protect the car.

9 protections are safer:

jump start short circuit protection

short circuit protection

Add safety device, in abnormal or short circuit in the automatic protection,prevent damage to the motherboard battery.

jump start overcharge protection

overcharge protection

When the power supply to the intelligent end reaches saturation, the system will automatically shut down.

jump start Constant current protection

Constant current protection

When the output current reaches a critical point, the output is actively shut down.

jump start Voltage protection

Voltage protection

When the input or output voltage fluctuates, the voltage regulation will be carried out to ensure the constant output voltage.

jump start Over discharge protection

Over discharge protection

When the power discharge is too low, it will actively turn off the output to ensure the safety of the power supply.

A11 jump start Anti-reverse connectotection protection

Anti-reverse connectotection protection

The anti reverse connection design ensures that users will not connect the positive and negative poles of the reverse power supply, which makes the use safer.

jump start magnetic field protection

jump start magnetic field protection

Add anti - magnetic interference components,in the magnetic field scene can also be used normally

jump start temperature protection

temperature protection

When the input or output temperature fluctuation,automatic cooling protection

jump start Polymer lithium battery

Polymer lithium battery

Polymer lithium-ion batteries are safer and have higher energy density.

Easy 4 steps start, no need for external assistance:

 insert the battery clip

, First, insert the battery clip into the start port of the car emergency power supply. (DO shape)

Clamp the red clip and black clip

, Clamp the red clip and black clip to the positive "+" and negative "-" of the battery respectively.

start the car

, Get into the car and start the car

Remove the clamps

, Remove the clamps from the car battery

upgraded series

A11 upgraded series configuration A11 upgraded series ordinary clip A11 upgraded series smart clip A11 upgraded series EC5 interface A11 upgraded series carging line A11 upgraded series air pump A11 upgraded series storage box A11 upgraded series licenseplated
configuration ordinary clip upgrade smart clip EC5 interface charging line air pump storage box licenseplate
updated version
updated smart version
updated inflatable version
updated smart inflatable version

applicable models:

A11 jump starter sedan


A11 jump starter off-road vehicle

off-road vehicle

A11 jump starter business car

business car

A11 jump starter electric car

electric car

A11 jump starter motorcycle


A11 jump starter van


A11 jump starter pickup truck

pickup truck

A11 jump starter minivan (12V)

minivan (12V)

what's in the box:

A11 jump starter charger*1


A11 jump starter charging cable*1

charging cable*1

A11 jump starter toolbox*1


A11 jump starter jumper cable*1

jumper cable*1

A11 jump starter jumper power*1

jumper power*1

A11 jump starter air pump*1

air pump*1

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