wholesale SABO 800A Peak 10000mAh 12V Car emergency start-up power

  • Model: A10
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • function: start / inflate / charging / lighting
  • Color: red,black
  • MOQ: 50
  • Brand: SABO
  • Lifecycle: >3000 times
  • Operating temperature: -30℃-70℃


Product size 168*78*38MM
Input voltage 5V2A/5V9A/14V1A
output voltage 5V2A
Capacity 10000Mah/12000Mah
Applicable models 12V
Temperature range -30℃-70℃
Starting current 350A 400A
Peak current 650A 800A
Charging time 5-8 hours
Power display digital display screen

A10 jump starter Description:

A10 jump starter Description

Digital display

USB output port ( Mobile phone charging )

14V Charging port

TYPE-C Charging port ( 5V2A/9V2A Mobile phone charger charging )

Switch keys

Function keys

12V car starting port

Emergency light

Nigh power class A cell:

A10 jump starter Nigh power class A cell


Polymer lithium battery, Intelligent IC

800A current

Intelligent power management

Explosion proof and high temperature proof

Emergency lighting light up your night:

A10 jump starter Emergency lighting light up your night

Night lighting

Long press the switch for 3 seconds to start strong light illumination mode

Strobe remind

press again to enter strobe mode

SOS for help

Press again to enter SOS mode

DO anti-connection interface:

A10 jump starter DO anti-connection interface
Ingenious design to avoid reverse plug connection

DO anti-reverse connection design

Prevent the battery line from being connected reversely, protect the car and start the power supply.

Rubber band protection cover

Waterproof, dustproof and metal touch proof The output is safe and stable.

800A Strong Current:

A10 jump starter 800A Strong Current
Starting current 400A,Peak current 800A Suitable for 6.0L gasoline & 3.0L diesel


12V gasoline cait

Suitable for most below 12V-6.01 large displacement gasoline car


12V diesel car

Suitable for most below 12V-3.0I large displacement gasoline car

Digital product charging:

A10 jump starter Mobile phone

Mobile phone

A10 jump starter Camera


A10 jump starter Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

A10 jump starter Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset

A10 jump starter Console


A10 jump starter Tablet PC

Tablet PC

five color selection:

A10 jump starter red


A10 jump starter orange


A10 jump starter blue


A10 jump starter golden


A10 jump starter white


suitable for car models:

A10 jump starter car


A10 jump starter off-road car

off-road car

A10 jump starter van


A10 jump starter business purpose car

business purpose car

A10 jump starter motorcycle


Four ways of charging:

A10 jump starter DC fast charging at home or office

DC fast charging at home or office

A10 jump starter 5v9v digital fast charging

5v9v digital fast charging

A10 jump starter DC 12V fast charging in the car

DC 12V fast charging in the car

A10 jump starter 5V,9V digital fast charging  in the car

5V,9V digital fast charging in the car

Ten functions, safe travel:

A10 jump starter Powerful battery

Powerful battery

A10 jump starter Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting

A10 jump starter Dual USB charging

Dual USB charging

A10 jump starter Tire inflation

Tire inflation

A10 jump starter Two ways of charging

Two ways of charging

A10 jump starter DO Anti reverse connection

DO Anti reverse connection

A10 jump starter Low temperature start-up

Low temperature start-up

A10 jump starter Smart protection

Smart protection

A10 jump starter Digital display

Digital display

A10 jump starter High magnification powerful battery

High magnification powerful battery

A10 Jump Starter Design Details:

A10 jump starter Do anti reverse connection

Do anti reverse connection

Humanized design to avoid short circuit caused by wrong insertion of positive and negative poles. At the same time, the appearance also increases the rubber protection, can be waterproof, dustproof, prevents the conductor to touch. Safe power supply protection.

A10 jump starter High-odds power chip

High-odds power chip

Use High magnification polymer dynamic type lithium ion chip. It can make charging and discharging safer, and can release strong current instantly to protect the car.

A10 jump starter Dual USB charging

Dual USB charging

It can output quickly and efficiently, and can automatically adapt to a variety of digital products. Dual USB output interface can support 5v3a (2a + la) without waiting when charging.

A10 jump starter Digital display screen

Digital display screen

Using LED digital display screen, power at a glance

A10 jump starter Fast charging, save time

Fast charging, save time

The upgraded version supports fast charging, saving half the time

A10 jump starter start the car

start the car

inflation pressure measurement

Not afraid of low temperature and heat resistance:

A10 jump starter The actual temperature is - 30 degrees

The actual temperature is - 30 degrees

A10 jump starter The actual measurement is high temperature 70 degrees

The actual measurement is high temperature 70 degrees

own it to start the car easily:

A10 jump starter insert the battery clip

1, First, insert the battery clip into the start port of the car emergency power supply. (DO shape)

A10 jump starter Clamp the red clip and black clip

2, Clamp the red clip and black clip to the positive "+" and negative "-" of the battery respectively.

A10 jump starter start the car

3, Get into the car and start the car

A10 jump starter Remove the clamps

4, Remove the clamps from the car battery

what's in the box:

A10 jump starter Charging Cable

Charging Cable*1

A10 jump starter Toolbox


A10 jump starter Jumper-Cable


A10 jump starter Jumper power

Jumper power*1

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